Written by Lilly Segura


2015 is finally here and with the New Year come new goals. This year my goal is to help you with your pursuits! Now is a time for self-improvement in many facets of life be it socially, physically, professionally etc. Although many of us wait for the New Year to begin these various changes in our lives, we have to remember that we have the rest the year to set goals and meet them.  This is particularly true in our careers. We should always strive to improve ourselves professionally throughout the year.

The Importance of Goal Setting & Keeping Motivated

If you are not sure about what your goals should be, ask yourself: is there something that I am not yet doing that perhaps would help me reach what I would like to obtain? Whether that means that you want to get a promotion, make the next step towards performing your duties better, or transition in your career, and keep your eye on the prize. Visualizing your end goal is a great motivator to keep you moving forward and once you achieve your goal, there is no better feeling.

Trial and Error: Learn From Your Misgivings

Sometimes we fall short of our goals, but that is not necessarily a negative thing. Do not despair! All goals are made with one thing in mind: self-improvement. Sometimes things do not go our way and it is up to us to learn every lesson from it. Try to remember the last time you made an error and ask yourself why that happened and what you could have done differently. All you need to do flatten that bump in the road. Make the changes you feel necessary. It is all part of the journey to reaching your goal!

Boosting the Morale of your Environment from Leading by Example

Setting goals is about holding yourself accountable for performance. Performance is relevant no matter what position you are in or what move you are trying to make within your life. People will take notice of your efforts for self-improvement. Your coworkers will also see your positivity and in turn you can be a great motivator to them. Not to mention, your boss will see that you are striving to become better and more complete professional.

May this article help you in your efforts and happy New Year on behalf of the whole Apollo Staff! For more informative articles check out the rest of our blog or visit our Facebook and Twitter!

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