The Job Hunting 2015 Revision

Written by Nick Curtin

Job hunting 2015 style is a little different than it was 10 years ago. You may have posted your resume online and as the weeks go by your left wondering, “Why don’t I have awesome job offers sitting in my inbox already?” Posting your resume online is no longer enough to get the job you want, only to get the job that pays the bills. In order to avoid merely shouting into the void and to have the job market universe recognize your existence you have to build your brand. Yes, that is right, you are now a brand and you should be marketing yourself accordingly.


Platform Consistency

Your presence online occupies more than just the website that has your resume. Think about Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While you are job searching you want to use the same profile picture for all of these accounts. Also, it is important that all of the ‘About Me’ and information you are sharing in aligned with all your other platforms. Brand consistency builds brand credibility and allows you to share yourself on another level with an employer.


If a company reaches out to you and you are not interested, let them know. Do not just leave them out in the wind and while you are emailing your appreciation, but lack of interest, invite to connect with them on LinkedIn. Make your professional world a smaller one. In life it is good to have options and the more bridges in your network the better the options.


Make sure your resume looks great. Do not pay an exuberant amount of money to have someone do it for you, there are plenty of workshops and tools online that can help you create your resume. Another tactic can be to Google “Award Winning Resumes” and copy formats that resonate with you. Your resume will never get you hired, a company hires a person not a paper; however, a resume introduces the features of your brand, it gets your foot in the door, so make it a strong foot.


When a recruiter or hiring manager finds your resume or LinkedIn, they got there by keywording. Typing words in the search engine that they feel are important for their potential candidate to have on the profile/resume – these words range from soft skills, specific software, standards, industries, etc. The point being, whatever field of expertise, research the keywords that are often used within it and incorporate that into your resume and social media platforms (platform consistency). The brands with the right words often find the ears and eyes to take them in.

Launching a Website

What better way to aggregate all the information about yourself than a website dedicated to your brand. There are many sites that can help you build them for free. Having a website increases your “searchablilty” via the major search engines, thereby increasing your chances of being found by a prospecting company.



Job boards are becoming increasingly expensive, so many companies have taken to their own websites adding career sections and placing job openings there. You know your brand, therefore you should know what companies can best utilize your brand. So you are going to have to start digging for future company. Google “best companies to work for,” or “strongest performing companies.” You may also utilize sites like Glass Door that act as a Yelp for reviewing a company (although take ratings with a grain of salt, as they are entirely subjective). Also, reach out to your LinkedIn network or look at successful people’s career paths on LinkedIn and implement that into your plans.

Embrace YOU!

Whether that means your hobbies, passions, philanthropic pursuits – make sure that is evident on all of your platforms (I would not advise placing those items on your resume, but that’s just my opinion). You are more than just a worker bee and most companies do not want to just hire a worker bee. They want a real person, so show them what you are all about! A brand with personality is much easier to identify and connect with as a manager/recruiter.


The job hunting industry has gone through several revolutions into evolutions over the past 15 years. Hopefully, following these key aspects into building your personal brand will help get you that job! Be sure to check out our openings, along with our Facebook and Twitter.

 Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.