Social Media Job Hunting

Written by Nick Curtin

You are on the hunt for a job. You have reached out to recruiters, searched through the job boards, and scoured website’s career sections, but have you tried social media job hunting? Each passing day social media platform’s influence not only grows within our personal lives, but the business sector as well. The professional world looks toward social media to increase brand recognition, drive inbound traffic, improve customer insight, increase conversion rates, and most importantly humanizing their company. As such, more and more companies are leveraging their established positions in the social world to post their job openings. So ask yourself, have tried job hunting with any of the platforms below?


Numero uno on the list for job hunting through social media – it is a professional networking site after all. LinkedIn doubles as a stage to promote your business acumen and a search engine for job advertisements. Be certain that on your profile that you have listed all of your experience, skills, education, and philanthropic activity. Food for Thought: Search other professional’s profile for a position you want to be in the immediate or near future and then look at their career path. Does it mirror yours? Maybe you have to alter your path.




Tweets, retweets, hashtags, hashtags, and hashtags…over the past few years twitter has been refining and improving their search, such that it has now become a very reliable and easy to use tool. Your job search can start by typing in desirable keywords into the search engine or exploring companies twitter pages. Hint: Many companies favorite their important tweets so their followers can track and advertise their openings without having to constantly repost it. Also, it cannot hurt to tweet out that you are in fact search for the job. Additionally, write a concise and informative description for your profile listing desirable job keywords.




Facebook is often viewed in a much more personal light; however, having said that, companies have several sections on their ‘Pages,’ many of which include a career section or under their notes they list open positions. Also, while you are on the prospective company page write a complementary post on their wall that includes your desire to one day join their team. Very similar to the other platforms, you can always crowdsource opinions by posting on your wall about your job search.




It is the Pinner’s of Pinterest for the pin, I mean win, well fourth place really, but nevertheless has become another avenue for exploring job openings. Companies are creating Career Section Boards where fellow pinners cannot only find out about job openings, but share with their pools as well. There are also aggregate boards that attempt to capture all the job openings and sort them accordingly.





Unconventional, yet creative, users can utilize the Instagram search engine for pictures pertaining to open job orders. You may also try taking a picture of your resume/creative picture and post it @companies you would like to work for in the future.





Really, really unconventional. Some major corporations have snap chat accounts. Send them your 10 second elevator pitch about why you should work for them and post to the general public so we can all enjoy your brave approach.



Go forth! Invade all social media platforms with your job hunting strategy – after all you now have the knowhow – turn it into positive action!


Good luck on your social media job hunting!


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