Vision, Mission, Values

Mission Statement

Apollo will inspire and enrich all customers and exceed expectations through engaged employees, complemented with the use of technology resources, and the development of business and supplier partnerships.


To promote the staffing industry by engaging clients, candidates, and employees with the utmost professional and ethical conduct.  Furthermore, Apollo is committed to placing the American worker in the most productive environments to strengthen the United States economy and beyond.

Core Values

Apollo’s values drive the company’s culture, branding, and overall business strategies. The following values are very important to the operation of our company:

  • Customer-First Service Attitude – We strive for long lasting business relationships.  Therefore, a customer-first service attitude is crucial to our business.
  • Work Ethic – We take pride in our flexibility, work quality, dedication and personal attention to detail.
  • Integrity and Commitment – We interact with our customers, contractors, suppliers and employees with the highest level of integrity and commitment.
  • Entrepreneurial Attitude – We will act with an entrepreneurial attitude, which will assist in seizing opportunities.
  • Financial Stability – We understand Apollo has a fiduciary responsibility to its employees, customers and suppliers. We will meet our fiduciary responsibilities and financial obligations.
  • Respect – We will interact with all stakeholders with the utmost respect and business etiquette. We will listen to our peers and convey our thoughts without hesitation.
  • Strategizing Partner – We will act as a strategizing partner to all stakeholders to ensure forward thinking and to challenge the norm.