How to Write a Resume

The key to catching the attention of a potential employer is a well written resume. It is important to capture all of your experience, that is well understood to the reader. Below are recommended sections of your resume and helpful hints around their purpose:

A “Career Objective” can help recruiters and hiring managers target your next career. The objective does not reflect your past experience, but should target what you want to do in the future. Please be aware if your objective is too specific, it may narrow your opportunities that are presented to you.

The “Summary” section of your resume is meant to provide a overall recap of your career.  This section would include the industries in which you have worked, and the types of knowledge and skills you have acquired during your career.  It is important to be concise and provide a summary the recaps your entire career.

List your highest education required. Most companies have educational requirements that must be met in order to go into a particular position. If it is not clearly written, it may preclude you from consideration of that sought after role. Also include relevant training that could assist you in a particular job. Training includes any specific hands on experience while working or in school.

Within your experience section, be sure to include all of the following:

  • Company Name, City and State
  • Job Title which is known in the industry
  • Employment period with Month/Year
  • Responsibilities while on the job
  • Skills and applications used in your normal course of work

Remember to be as thorough as possible to represent your background. Furthermore, be honest in your skills, knowledge and abilities. All factors could be potential questions in an interview which you will have to answer.