Interview Advice: Contractors

If you’re like most people and have been working since your later teen years it is safe to say you have some interview experience under your belt. Typical interview questions include asking about your strengths and weaknesses, conflict resolution scenarios, what your learning style is like, and whether you work better within a team or individually. Most of those questions are not very hard to an... Read More

Your Skills and Decoding the Job Description

Seeking a new role is always challenging; especially when looking on your own and scouring the internet for job descriptions. Being highly selective and waiting for that perfect role to come along before applying is not always the best strategy. Chances are you’re not going to find a job description that is 100% close to the type of role you are looking for. Typically it is recommended that you ... Read More

Why Your Job in Customer Service is Valuable to Employers

After College

Written by Lilly Segura Graduation season is right around the corner! Perhaps the company you’ve been interning at will offer you a position but not everyone is lucky enough to have a job lined up straight out of college. You might have to either remain in or find a position in Customer Service, or Retail, for quite some time before landing that perfect entry level opportunity. Don’t despai... Read More

Success Story: Veterans Supporting the Military

We all appreciate the US military and the veterans that have protected our freedom. In addition, we all want to give back to them as we are indebted for their time serving. Even so, I believe the calling may be even more, when are you sewn from that seed. When you have served in the military, you have a better understanding and empathy for those that are serving, and, in turn, your calling may b... Read More

Success Story: Engagement in Social Media Leads to New Role

In today’s society there are folks who don’t utilize social media.  Posting every nuance about your life doesn’t seem to be for everyone.  Even so social media is becoming a primary source for companies and employees to find each other.  The story below is a prime example of how an individual’s social media profile inadvertently and fortunately helped a man find a job, and lead him to a... Read More

Are you a Wallflower on LinkedIn?

Stop being a wallflower. Our last blog article we discussed innovative ways to job search in 2015. This article will go into how to have your LinkedIn profile stand out from the whitenoise.

Written by Lilly Segura By now we are all pretty familiar with social media and the ways it allows us to communicate with one another. Thanks to var... Read More

Social Media Job Hunting

Written by Nick Curtin You are on the hunt for a job. You have reached out to recruiters, searched through the job boards, and scoured website's career sections, but have you tried social media job hunting? Each passing day social media platform's influence not only grows within our personal lives, but the business sector as well. The professional world looks toward social media to increase bra... Read More

The Job Hunting 2015 Revision

Written by Nick Curtin Job hunting 2015 style is a little different than it was 10 years ago. You may have posted your resume online and as the weeks go by your left wondering, “Why don’t I have awesome job offers sitting in my inbox already?” Posting your resume online is no longer enough to get the job you want, only to get the job that pays the bills. In order to avoid merely shouting ... Read More


Written by Lilly Segura   2015 is finally here and with the New Year come new goals. This year my goal is to help you with your pursuits! Now is a time for self-improvement in many facets of life be it socially, physically, professionally etc. Although many of us wait for the New Year to begin these various changes in our lives, we have to remember that we have the rest the year to set ... Read More