Tech Writer/Editor II

Sterling Heights

Job Type: Contract

Tech Writer/Editor II - 39162
Contract: 6 Months

Position Description:
Edits and proofreads technical documents, including technical manuals, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), miscellaneous reports, and proposals for grammar, spelling, clarity of expression, and organization. Ensures documents conform to company and government standards and specifications, and consistency of technical information (i.e., correct nomenclature, correct logic circuits, verify that text and art agree). Must be proficient with electronic PDF markup software such as Adobe Acrobat Professional as well as possess a working knowledge of military style and format. On-vehicle validation and XML experience a plus but not required. Must be proficient with MS Office Suite: MS Word and MS Excel.

Skills Required:
MUST speak and write Portugese fluently- Reads/writes Portuguese. Highly developed communication skills. Ability to work with geographically-dispersed team. Demonstrates attention to detail. Command of English language. Experience reviewing/revising/documenting text with the ability to understand mechanical and troubleshooting logic. Experience using Adobe Acrobat Professional or similar PDF software for electronic edits.

Skills Preferred:
Experience editing technical manuals in the defense industry (PDF and IETM formats). Familiarity with defense industry wheeled and track vehicles. Experiance using EMS NG Viewer to mount IETMs for electronic quality control checks. Ability to read a LIVE DTD and general knowledge of Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Experience Required:
2 years experience with bachelor's degree 5 years experience without degree

Experience Preferred:
5 years experience preferred

Education Required:
Bachelor's degree or commiserate experience

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