Job Seekers


Navigating yourself in today’s job marketplace can be a challenge. Even more so, it can be difficult to find recruiters who understand your industry expertise and niche skill. Apollo’s breadth of experience supporting different industries in the technology arenas can assist you in getting the type of support you need to find your next career. Our recruiters are highly trained in understanding your niche skill and helping you achieve your next career goal.

Industry & Skill Breadth

Apollo’s history began as an aerospace & defense technology supplier three decades ago and continues today. Even so, over the course of its history, Apollo has expanded into other industries such as Scientific Research, Electronics, Biomedical, Insurance, Government and Entertainment. This has lead Apollo to understanding and searching for various types of skills in all these industries, not limited to, engineering, information technology, technician, graphic artists, writers, and the list goes on and on.

Recruiter Knowledge & Support

Because Apollo recruiters have a broad knowledge supporting various industries and skills they have the ability to support you in your next career move. They have the ability and resources to tap into positions nationwide. As a result, they can help you identify positions that fit your specific career requirements to ensure the best match possible. In addition, they provide ongoing support as you go through your career search.