Talent Seekers

Labor resources are the most important asset in your organization.  Therefore, recruiting the right talent to fill your open positions is critical.  Apollo Professional Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to understand your requirements and find the candidates you need, in a manner that works for you.

Because of Apollo’s broad depth of industry experience, Apollo recruiters have been trained in understanding unique skill requirements.  In turn, they can apply their knowledge in searching and screening for the candidates you need.  Most Apollo recruiters have a solid 5-20+ years experience in the staffing industry.  This means you can be confident that you’re working with recruiting professionals with direct experience finding the types of candidates you are looking for.

Even more so, a cornerstone to Apollo’s core values is our “Customer-First Service Attitude”.  Apollo Account Managers, Recruiters and staff in general are there to provide you assistance in meeting your business goals.  They will work with you in determining your key recruiting objectives, and in turn, keep you on task with meeting those objectives.  Apollo is a company that has complete dedication to you the customer and our employees. Apollo also considers you a partner, respects your needs, and will work tirelessly to help you find the best person for the job.