Specialized Staffing Services

Apollo understands companies cannot always commit to hiring a full-time, direct hire. Short term projects, budget, and volume surges are all reasons that would cause companies to have a short term staffing needs. In these situations, you need staffing solutions to help you through these periods. Apollo offers Specialized Staffing Services that fit your needs.

Contract Hire

Let Apollo Professional Solutions assist you with short and long-term temporary assignments. Last minute fill-ins, vacation coverage even seasonal help. Every employee is personally interviewed, skill tested and reference checked to ensure they meet ALL your requirements.

Contract Hire to Direct Placement

Test new employees on a temporary basis before you commit to a full-time hiring decision. Let Apollo Professional Solutions reduce your chance of hiring mistakes and spread your hiring costs over an extended period of time.

Direct Placement

Save the time and expense of hiring a new employee. Let Apollo Professional Solutions fill your direct staffing needs. Apollo Professional Solutions takes the time to work with our clients to fully understand their company and their needs.

Pre-Identified Contract Hire

Apollo Professional Solutions offers a payrolling service to each of our clients. This allows for simple handling of personnel that you have recruited but timing prevents you from hiring on a direct basis. This employee would be referred to as a Payrollee and can be put onto the Apollo Professional Solutions’ payroll at a reduced cost. This would provide opportunity to bring back retirees, previous employees and students without the worry of workers compensation, unemployment or co-employment issues.

Customized Service Offerings

Throughout its 30+ year history, Apollo Professional Solutions has accommodated the specialized needs of its clients. The following is a sampling of the types of accommodations we assist with our customers.

Insurance: Apollo has the ability to modify our insurance coverage to fit the needs of your company. Whether it is modifying workers compensation coverage or additional insured, Apollo representatives will assist you in meeting your requirements.

Work Week Schedule: Apollo works with an assortment of clients with various work week schedules. We modify our payroll cycle to meet the schedule that best works for you. Work week schedules we currently accommodate: 4/40, 36/44, 9/80, 5/40

Invoicing: All companies have different invoice requirements. Therefore, Apollo has been able to customize its invoicing to meet the needs of each of our individual clients. Apollo Account Managers will meet with you to determine what works best for your company. You will be asked about invoice cycle time (weekly, monthly), number of contractors per invoice, PO spend notifications, etc. All of which can be accommodated by Apollo.