Are you a Wallflower on LinkedIn?

Stop being a wallflower. Our last blog article we discussed innovative ways to job search in 2015. This article will go into how to have your LinkedIn profile stand out from the whitenoise.

Written by Lilly Segura

By now we are all pretty familiar with social media and the ways it allows us to communicate with one another. Thanks to various websites we can now reach all corners of the earth and share information with the click of a mouse. Social media websites can not only be used for sharing the latest pictures of your cute new puppy but you can also use your profile pages to get noticed by employers. For tips and tricks on revamping your resume click here. There are a great deal of ways in which you can tweak your profile (or profiles) in order to get your name out there as well as get more traffic on your pages. Posting your resume on career builder and or monster are great ways to begin but there are other websites you can also use to your advantage.


Your Picture

A professional picture is very important and taken seriously on linked in. Make sure you post a picture from a work function, the latest company conference, or anything where you are dressed professionally (or at least decent). You might want to hold off on posting pictures of you and your silly friends at the local watering hole aka the local bar. Unless of course you are looking to land a bartender position.

Your Profile Page

At first glance your linked in page can seem like a professional online profile– which it is! Treat your page like a second resume and be sure to include as much information as possible. Use your current job description as well as a job description for the type of role you are looking to land as inspiration for your content. Google job descriptions and look at what types of qualifications and skills are required for the job you would like. LinkedIn is also a vast database for employers. Think of the site as a search engine and think about the key terms you use when searching for job postings, chances are employers are putting the same terms in their searches.

Don’t be afraid to be humorous or inject your personality into your profile. When scouring through hundreds of resumes all day it is refreshing to come across a resume in which candidates list their hobbies and or activities outside of work. If you make your own beer and like to go to star trek conventions every year put that on your resume! You never know, your next boss or hiring manager might be an even bigger Trekkie than you are.


Connections are to Linked in as friends are to Facebook. On Facebook having a great number of friends is a reflection of your popularity; on linked in your network/connections create connections to the people they are linked to as well. Linked in works in degrees. The more people you add the more traffic you will receive on your page because by adding one person you also gain their connections, and in a way their connection’s connection’s as well. Add everybody and build a professional network!

Following groups and companies are also excellent ways to get noticed. You’ll be able to find out about the company culture, as well as the characteristics of individuals whom are already working at the company. You can also get to know all the right people such as Hiring Managers, Supervisors, and HR. All of this information can be useful to you when contacting the right people online.  You can even see how and if your friends are connected to a company that you have perhaps been eying or are interested in applying too. Don’t forget about the way that someone can help you in real life as well. If a friend is connected speak with them about what you can do to get in and perhaps they can also assist you by speaking to the right people. A connection on LinkedIn can be a connection in real life.


Liking, posting, and sharing things on linked in is also a great way to drive traffic to your page. Not only do your connections see it on their feeds, but when they like or comment, their friends can look at what you post as well. Make sure your comments are positive and professional. Employers are looking for energetic and positive employees. The last thing you want is to come across as a Debbie Downer or a trouble maker.


There are endless resources available to you right at your fingertips and it is a shame not to use them. Linked in has replaced the need to walk into a place with your resume or to call places for information on their HR departments. LinkedIn is an online resource but it is also useful as a short cut in real life. Big things can happen for you if you take full advantage of these tools.  Make sure to keep all these points in mind and happy hunting!

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Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

2014: A Year In Review

2014: A Year in Review

Written by Nick Curtin

In the 30 year history of Apollo Professional Solutions, there has never been a year that has brought more change and enthusiasm than happenings that transpired in the year 2014. Three key highlights from our year:

  1. Our newly formed marketing division (spearheaded by David Barrios – Director of Marketing) has put forth a huge effort to increase our visibility and exposure in so many different ways – Apollo Blog, Twitter, Website Content, and Facebook. Also, we saw a company-wide training endeavor to provide more targeted based education in areas of sales, recruiting, and compliance.
  2. Computer Deployment: The holiday season brought new computers and software to the Apollo offices. We enter the New Year with faster equipment, updated browsers and Windows 8.1.
  3. ACA: It was a challenge, but Kristen Madzarac – HR Director, did an excellent job securing a totally compliant product that provides the essential coverage for our awesome contractors.

We look to the New Year with both eagerness and determination at the challenges that lay in wait for Apollo. We appreciate all those that helped contribute to Apollo’s success in 2014 and we hope that those contractors have  contributed a solid chapter in their personal success story as well. Also, for those that have yet to jump on the Apollo Bandwagon, there is plenty of room. Check out our current openings or reach out to one of our regional offices for more information.

That’s our year in review!

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Happy New Year!


 Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Veterans Day – Veterans at Apollo: In Their Own Words


Written and conducted by Nick Curtin

Since 1983, Apollo Professional Solutions has had the pleasure of working along side many of the men and women that serve in the United States military branches. Apollo has not only had veterans that are clients and contractors, but direct staff members have populated our firm as well . For 2014 Veterans Day, we have decided to interview our 5 military veterans:

  • Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 
  • John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager
  • DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator
  • Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter
  • Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 

Below are the seven questions, they field today:

1. What branch of service were you apart of and where did you serve? If you were assigned overseas, what are your impressions of the people & culture of where you were stationed?

I served in the US Army and Army Reserves from 1966 to 1973. Left as a grade E-6. – Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

I served 6 years in the Air National Guard from 1971-1977 in the 103rd fighter division located at the Air National Guard base at Bradley field in Windsor Locks CT.  At that time the 103rd had F-100’s. – John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

I lived in the follow places: USAF Biloxi, MS, Clark AB,PI,  and Holloman AFB, NM. My travel to the Philippines was an experience.  Being a married 19 year old with a child. Landing in a foreign country was a life changing experience for us. Stepping off the plane into that heat was a force we were not expecting. In the distance was Mt Ararat a local volcano across the runway. We were excited about our new life on the island. The local people were kind and wonderful. Most liked Americans, but there were those who saw American’s  as people who supported the Marcos family and didn’t like that. So we needed to be careful where we went. We lived off base in a gated community. Using Jenney’s to get around the local city. (They were jeeps converted to open taxies very colorful to see). And trikes motorcycles with two passenger side cars. (No cardio needed after riding with some of the drivers). I traveled to work on my Philippine Harley (a Moped with a straight pipe to get more speed 45MPH). For about 100.00 per month we could live off base in a three bedroom two bath house. with a house maid and a yard boy. The hot water heater was painted black and on the southern exposure. So only hot water in the evening unless you lit a fire of wood under it. Mail took two – four weeks one way and phone calls we ten dollars per min on base to the US. So we were basically cut off from the normal world we knew. Some people had trouble coping with that and were sent home. – DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

Branch of Service – United States Navy. Served in the Gulf on 3 tours on the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier and was stationed in Puerto Rico. Outside of the United States I visited Guam, Hong King, Singapore, UAE, Baharain, South Korea, Austria, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, British Columbia, Bahamas, and Mazatlan Mexico. Not all cultures accept Americans very well, but Puerto Rico, Austria, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong were by far the best for me. I always wore my uniform when I could to strike up conversation wherever I went. – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

I joined the Army in 2005 as an Infantryman or MOS 11B. After attending Airborne School I was stationed in Fort Bragg, NC with the 82nd Airborne Division. I deployed to Iraq in 2007 and got to travel to several different countries training with coalition forces. The last three years of my Army tenure were spent recruiting tomorrows Soldiers near my home town of Kalamazoo, MI.  – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 

2. Why did you join?

I considered joining the army to avoid the draft but they could not guarantee my MOS (military occupational status) unless I went to officer candidate school which required a 3 year commitment. Settled for the reserves when an opportunity opened but my unit was on the short list for activation and deployment to Vietnam. – Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

I joined because President Nixon put a freeze on college student deferment renewals and it was nearing the tail end of the Vietnam War I had number 36 in the draft lottery and I received my letter from the draft government ordering me to report for my physical.  I wanted to continue my education and although it was very difficult at that time to get into the National Guard, my dad had done 9 years between the regular air force and National Guard during the Korean War and was able to assist me in getting into the Air force National Guard. – John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

Need a career Change and scored very high on the battery exam. – DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

I joined to gain an education, to strive to finally achieve something in life and make my family proud. I stayed in after my first term because I loved serving for this country, and being the tip of the spear at sea. I only wished that I could have done more and been able to be on the ground supporting the troops in combat. It was addicting to always want to do more. – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

I joined the Army because I am thankful for the Freedom and Liberties provided to me as an American. I wanted to do my part to ensure that those Freedoms would remain intact. – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 

3. What type of work did you perform when you were apart of the military?

I was in the infantry as a weapons platoon specialist. My job was to carry and operate the m60 machine gun and later on the m79 grenade launcher. – Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

I was a Electrical Power Production Specialist and Aircraft Arresting Barrier technician.- John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

Training in NAV aids, air space scheduling, Pilots administrator, cope thunder, 13th AFHQ specialty clerk.- DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

My first job was to repair Nuclear Reactor Systems onboard ships and submarines. When the stress got to high there, I transitioned into aircraft weapon system (Aviation Ordnance) and loading missiles, bombs, rockets. torpedoes, guns, countermeasures, and aircraft egress system ordnance. I also had the please of being an instructor, achieving an Master Training Specialist, which in a runabout way landed me in recruiting in the civilian world. – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

I was an Airborne Infantryman for the 8 years I was in the Army. Most of my career was spent at Fort Bragg, NC. Jumping out of planes was something I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Once I overcame the initial fear, it was actually quite fun. – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 

4. Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences?

Most memorable happening was when I was stationed with the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell KY. We were pulled out of our beds one day in November, 1966 and we were sent over to the medics who gave us a series of shots. Then we were trucked over in full combat gear to the airstrip where we sat for 12 hours ready to board planes. We were not told what was going on but later that day we were called back. Later on, we were told that President Nixon had offered up my unit to go over to Africa to help put down the rebellion in the Congo. it was a scary thought to think we were possibly going over to fight the Mau Mau uprising and all I could think about was being captured and put in a big pot of boiling water for someone’s feast. – Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

During one of our monthly drill weekends a approaching F-100 was traveling too low and clipped a power line and was forced to deploy his tail hook and engaged the aircraft-arresting barrier that I was supporting.  Due to the functional operation of the barrier, the pane avoided a crash and we able to avoided any damage to the aircraft while securing the pilots removal from the aircraft.  Had the arresting barrier not functioned properly, we could have lost both the aircraft and the pilot.  – John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

Some of my most memorable I can’t talk about. But I do remember a couple weeks after starting at a new posting at 13th AFHQ, Cope Thunder. The Senior master Sargent. Greeted me with a few officers when I arrived one morning. (thought I was  in trouble) and was presented with an award for the work I had been doing. It was great. But only after sitting at my desk and reading the framed award. Did I read the title “The head goffer award” for the best go for this and go for that…..I was now part of a bigger fraternity. – DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

My most memorable experience was when we launch the Navy Seals in out helicopter to intercept a rogue ship that threatened to shoot us down if we attempted to board it to inspect for oil being smuggle out of Iraq. It didn’t go over so well for the crew of oil tanker as the Seals seized the ship and crew, and we turned the oiler over to NATO Forces. – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

The most memorable experiences are the people that you have a chance to meet. There is a strong sense of brotherhood that comes with serving next to someone. They are your extended family. I have been blessed to share so many good memories with them, and during the tough times, we were always there for each other. A lot of the people I served with will be friends for a lifetime. – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 

5. What was your transition like from military life to civilian life for the initial couple weeks?

Because I was possibly being called up I had no idea if I would be sent to Viet Nam during my active duty time. I was injured in training and was sent back to my reserve unit to finish out my military obligation. The first few weeks back from active duty, I re-connected with my old employer who took me back in same position I had left to go on active duty.- Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

This question would not be applicable to me.  – John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

It was easy going back to my old life style. Only after months did I find a part of me missed being Air Force. – DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

t was extremely stressful in the transition, as I had not had to apply for employment in 20 years, and after going through transition assistance, I realized I had to start back at square one in the civilian world. I had to start a new career, as I do not know of too many commercial airliners that want me to put missiles and guns on their aircraft. that and I went through a nasty divorce in the process as well. – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

Culture Shock. Everyone is different but the transition from Soldier to civilian can be a difficult one. For me, it took a conscience effort in order to “de-militarize” myself.  You worry about finding employment, you worry about fitting in with a new company. When you leave the military you also leave a very large support structure that I think a lot of us take for granted while we are in. – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter

6. How has the military prepared you for the civilian/professional world?

While in reserves, I was tasked to the recruiting center where I learned to recruit to fill reserve positions in Maryland. That gave me some insight into recruiting in civilian life. The transition back to a professional career in engineering was smooth and I went back to my job in drafting at Bendix Corporation and several other companies that provided military equipment for the department of defense.- Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

Although my dad was a strict disciplinarian, the military gave me focus and the discipline to continue with my education and the foundational beliefs that you can do or be anything you want to be as long as you stick to it and concentrate on your goals and objectives.  – John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

I always had a great work ethic, but finding adventure and showing up no matter what I was called on to do was now a part of me like breathing. – DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

The military taught me dedication and loyalty, to erase “I can’t” from my dictionary. It has taught me how to deal with stress, and push through it. It taught me to want to always learn more. It also taught me to be proud of all of my work, to do my best. Whether it was performing emergency procedures on aircraft on a flight deck full of jets transitioning back and forth, or polishing a floor (deck), I always wanted to show pride in my work, that I always got the job well done. – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

Most Definitely. The military has provided me with a set of core values that I live by. It has given me the strength and confidence to take on any task. Most importantly I think it has given me perspective. – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 

7. Do you have any plans/traditions for Veterans Day?

I fly the flag to honor those who have served. – Ed Bonadio – Vice President of Field Operations 

Only to take a few minutes out of my day to remember and thank those who have served and given their lives in a much larger capacity in the military than I did.  I am thankful to God, my family and the military for providing me the opportunity of serving my country.  – John Kokofski – Northeast Regional Manager

As a civilian, I wish I could afford to have the holiday so I could remember old friends that are gone now. Hard to do in this economy. – DJ Marcotte – IT Administrator

Well, since I got out of the Military, I have had to watch veterans’ day parades from office windows and be attached to a work computer, but I do try to enjoy a free meal from somewhere after work. Many times I go home and watch the stories of troops currently serving, many time tearing up as I appreciate everything they are doing, because there are too many that have sacrificed much more than I have. There are too many that don’t come home, or have been permanently disabled doing what they do best, saving our country. I appreciate all who have served and continue to serve, as they are all brothers and sisters to me.  – Mike Steckley – Technical Recruiter 

I went to Applebee’s and shook hands with some older veterans at lunch. Its pretty cool to reflect on those shared memories with a different generation. This is the first year out of the service for me so I am not really sure what to do. To be totally honest I am going to go home after work and do homework. – Travis Carlton – Technical Recruiter 


That concludes our 7 question interview with our 5 military veterans spanning across several generations. We sincerely appreciate the time they have dedicated to this interview, to this company, and most importantly to this amazing country. The United States could not have continued to be the beacon of freedom that is is today without the men and women that make up our  military – shielding us from harm and smiting the evil that would see our light extinguished.. Your service, your sacrifice, and your dedication have not gone unnoticed. Thank you Veterans, Active Duty, and Reserves for all that you have done and will continue to do.

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Success Story: Rewarding a Leap of Faith

Success Story: Rewarding a Leap of Faith

Apollo’s CEO, Gayle Williams, took a leap of faith leaving her job in order to start up her own staffing firm. Since Apollo’s infancy, we have been a major supplier of quality talent to the aerospace industry. Over 30 years later it is safe say, Gayle’s leap paid dividends! We have grown in size and diversified our talent pools to fill an assortment of fields, but we never forgot where we started. To this day, Apollo still maintains strong relationships with some of the biggest commercial and military aircraft producers in the United States.  Our success story this week, Ben Trussell, has been in the aerospace field as long as Apollo has been a company and he has known about Apollo for years, without ever working with us.  In 2014, Ben took a leap of faith and accepted one of our engineering positions, and we are so happy he did! Below is a chapter from Ben Trussell’s success story.


Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?  

Actually, after graduating from college (1978) and with my machinist background I thought I could do just about anything. I envisioned myself being the first Manufacturing Engineer in space. Since that did not happen, I’ve gone on a long career path in the U.S., Australia and Europe. All through my career I’ve tried to excel in furthering my field of knowledge in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering. I was and still am fortunate to be paired with some of the most knowledgeable  people I’ve ever met. For people not knowing what a Manufacturing Engineer does, my reply is “I make engineers dreams come true”.  They can design and envision, then I tell them what’s real in making and building those projects. I’ve worked on a lot exciting projects past, present and will be in the future as a major player. Some of those are B-1 bomber, B-2 bomber, 747/767/757/737/787/777, F-18, F-16, F-22 and the list goes on. From detail part fabrication to the final deliverable product.

How did you find about Apollo? 

I’ve known Apollo for years and was approached on occasions with this being the first time working for them.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?  

That’s a good question, my experience with Apollo is limited to the past two months. The people are both professional and determined to get them working and support their clients. Other agencies did a good job, but Apollo does that and more. By more, I mean, a more personalized and caring approach.

What excites you most about your current job?

The challenge and drive to get into a new position and take charge of whatever your assigned. One thing that is most prevalent in contracting is “have fun and enjoy the job”.

In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

To all the people I’ve come in contact with – everybody is friendly and willing to help.


Ben Trussell is just one of the many people’s lives we touch and we are so happy to help contribute to each and every person’s individual success story. If you are curious how you can accelerate your story feel free to give us a call here.

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What are the Fastest Growing Industries?

Written by Nick Curtin


What are the fastest growing industries? In 2014, there is an average job growth rate nationwide of 10.8 percent among all industries. Slowly, but surely America has been climbing out of the recession of 2009; however, there are some industries in our economy that have taken off with growth rate percentages over 20 percent.

Apollo Professional Solutions is not only responsible for putting Americans to work and providing quality service to our clients, but also keeping a weather eye on the mercurial nature of the job market. This past year we have noticed huge hiring increases in each of the following industries:


As the populations continue to grow and more people have access to affordable health insurance the demand for jobs within the field has soared. Specifically, we have noticed a rise in hospital administration, management, customer service, and suppliers. These people “behind the curtain” are playing a critical role in the healthcare environment making sure everything is running smoothly.

Project Management

The recession of 2009 caught a lot of companies off guard and exposed the inefficiency of their operations. There has been a great rise for project managers to come into companies and ensure efficiency, producing under budget, all while meeting deadlines.


In accordance with the rise of healthcare professionals and affordable healthcare has granted access of more medicine to a greater part of the population. Not to mention, there is the constant evolution and progression of science breaking new grounds in medicine.

Information Security Analyst (ISAs)

Information security has been in the headlines the past couple months, or lack there of because people have been having their information hacked. Individuals and business’s alike are at risk and that has led to the rise in hiring ISAs to acquire as much protection as possible.

When an industry’s job growth is exponentially increasing, the qualified candidate pool will discernibly begin to decrease in size. Job seekers within these markets have more opportunities than ever and they will take their time to find the best one. Therefore, as important as it is to provide solid offers, it is paramount that companies have a way to find and source qualified talent.

Make no mistake; it is a race to find the top talent and most times the company that gets to the candidate first will win. To get a leg up on the competition, all a business would have to do is contact Apollo here.  Each and every recruiter at Apollo is a treasured commodity as they share in the value of submitting qualified candidates to our clients while leveraging their expertise in varying fields. We take great pleasure in contributing to the success stories of both our candidates and clients.

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Health Tips #3: How Not Taking Breaks Make You a Rookie

Written by Nick Curtin

Apollo’s past workplace health tips have targeted proper posture throughout the workday and unhealthy consumables, substituting them with nutritious and beneficial replacements. This week we are focusing on your mind. The key to a sharp and refreshed mind is taking breaks! When you work for prolonged periods of time you can exhaust your cognitive capacity, impeding the creativity and innovative parts of your brain.  Here are six ways to spend your breaks like a pro:


It is important to remember that meditation is not about closing your eyes and drifting off on a daydream or specific thoughts. It is about being aware of all that is around you and the experiences that are occurring in that moment. You want to create a broad focus on your environment as you count the steady flow of your breaths. Ideally, these are best done in 10-15 minute intervals twice a day.


Get away from your desk. Whether that is a walk outside, doing dips on your office chair, squats, or jumping jacks – just do something! Exercise helps reduce stress, improve self-esteem, modify moods, and even make you feel better about your body even though there is no physical change.


On a break challenge yourself to a crossword puzzle, word find, riddle, or websites like Lumosity that engage and develop our mental capacity.  Competing within these games can help ease stress and harness your focus for the rest of the day. Not too mention, it is also fun!

Be Social

Take a short break and reach out to another co-worker – focus the discussion on them as a person not as their title or job responsibilities. In this route, you are recharging your brain by stepping away from your work and you just might brighten someone’s day.


If your work place allows it, close your office door or go out to your car – take a 20-minute nap. Napping improves learning, memory, creativity, and mental alertness.


Go online and read through a few articles. The words of another can be a nice distraction allowing you to recalibrate your focus. You never know, you may learn a thing or two from articles online!


Performing any one of the six while taking breaks and you will gain that mental clarity to tackle the rest of your day! Apollo appreciates you stopping by, stay tuned for health tips #4! For more content please check out our Facebook and Twitter. Also if you would like to reach out to one of our offices contact us here.

Success Stories – Excelling in Customer Service

Apollo’s Success Stories – A Champion of Customer Service

For the month of July, Apollo extends our warmest regards to Christina Captain! We all may fry in July, but Christina has certainly not fried in her latest position. She has kept her cool and been performing admirably at our client’s facility. Here is a chapter from her success story: 

Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?

Prior to working with Apollo, I was seeking a career in customer service/relations, management, or operations within any industry.

How did you find about Apollo?

I found out about Apollo online through the job search site, as far as I can recall.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms? If no experience with other staffing firms, perhaps preconceived notions going into it?

I did not have any prior experience with any other staffing firms in the past. I have always sought direct hire employment. Apollo has met my expectations, in terms of staffing and support.

What excites you most about your current job?

My current job gives me the responsibility and ownership to make decisions on behalf of the company to support our mutual customers. I am grateful for the experience and to learn about the automotive industry from a corporate standpoint.

In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Linda Flynn for noticing my skills and experience and extending the opportunity to me. I would like to thank Lilly Segura for her continued support as well.

What else would you like us to know? 

I would recommend Apollo to friends and family seeking employment who have not been successful finding employment the traditional route.

Christina is one of the many candidates who have found success through Apollo. She has several Customer Service Awards, added more responsibilities, and has even trained new Customer Service Representatives. We are proud to have contractors such as Christina who represent Apollo with such professionalism. All of us at Apollo strive to show the same ethic and dedication towards both of our contractors and customers. We are the service edge, We are YOUR staffing firm, We are Apollo.

Proper Job Searching: Be Proactive

Are you putting yourself in the best position to acquire your dream job?

By Nick Curtin

The development of these massive job boards may have made the process of finding a job easier, but it also can lead to an apathetic and lazy approach to securing employment. I have spoken with a multitude of people that post their resume online and wait for a company to reach out to them or only look on that job board. This is a mistake. Below I will go into how to be pro-active and inventive in searching for your next step in your success story:


Reach Out to a Staffing Firm: Shameless promotion, I know, but seriously think abut it. Staffing firms, like Apollo, are immersed in the job market. Read more about the benefits here.

Company Website – Career Section: There may be hundreds of thousands of jobs within a job board, but there are plenty more outside of them. As companies become more integrated on the web, fully leveraging their website and looking to cut cost, they will be less inclined to pay to have their positions posted elsewhere.

LinkedIn & Networking: Leverage your current network – go to friends and business contacts in the industry of interest and inquire about companies in this field, who may be hiring, or even who they can show your resume to. Piggybacking off networking, you should have a completed LinkedIn profile preferably with recommendations. Utilize the introduction tool LinkedIn offers to meet influencers in your field of choice – make them aware of your aspirations and ask for advice. The worst that happens is you do not get a response, the best that happens they like your background enough to follow up with an interview, and most likely you will just end up with some parting advice and well wishes.

Brand Your Image: Every social media platform that someone occupies helps paint a picture of who they really are as a person. It is your responsibility that all the platform are sending out a consistent message – the contents of which are up to you, but just make sure that the viewer will have no misconceptions to you, to your brand. To enhance your brand, I would recommend creating a personal webpage/landing page. There are several sites that offer this and the tools to develop it are very intuitive. It is on these personal pages that you are able to direct your audience to the platforms you are active on and provide your audience with a foundation of your branded image.

Research: Visit Business Journal, Glass Door, Forbes, etc. Research the best companies to work for, fastest growing companies, most innovative companies, companies with the best cafeteria, whatever you fancy. Just begin to populate a list of companies that have substance and are recognized for the areas you value most. Competition for the positions within these companies may be tougher, but at least you will begin to build on the type of you company you want to work for and look for emulating companies.


These are just a few more ways to be pro-active in your job search. Thank you for stopping by, and if you have not had a chance to speak with a recruiter, give us a shout. We would love for a chance to talk about contributing to your future success story. Until next week!

Success Stories – First Time Using a Staffing Firm

For the month of May, Apollo would like to extend our warmest welcome to our latest success story, Samuel Capouch. Sam was a recent graduate looking for work after school, below is his story.


1. How did you experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms? If you had no experience with other staffing firms, perhaps preconceived notions going into it?  

I sent my resume to several staffing firms in regards to the junior scientist position. Apollo Professional Solutions was extremely prompt with their reply, and quickly did everything that they could to get me placed into the position and offered whatever assistance they possibly could throughout the entire process. I have not had experience with a staffing firm in the past, but I have had friends who have utilized staffing firms in the past in order to obtain employment. I was pleasantly surprised with the effort and continual support that Apollo provided me with throughout the entire hiring process, as well as the resources that were provided to me in order to assist with preparation for interviews and what to expect when I began my job.

2. How did you hear about Apollo?  If you had not heard of Apollo prior to us establishing contact with you, what were you looking for in a career and how did Apollo assist that pursuit?   

I discovered Apollo when exploring career websites in my pursuit for an entry level position. Apollo, when compared to the other staffing firms that I had researched and made contact with through the web, provided the greatest amount of clarity and most in depth explanation in regards to the position that I was applying for. This put me at a distinct advantage when going through the application process, as I knew what to expect throughout the whole process and how to better prepare myself for each step along the way.

3. Is there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Nicholas Curtin specifically for continually providing me with support throughout the application process, for always being forthcoming with what to expect during the interview process, for providing me with resources in order to better prepare myself, and for keeping in contact with me throughout the entire process.

4. What else would you like us to know?

Overall, I had a great experience with Apollo and their help to place me in my current career. I could not have obtained this job without the diligent help of Nick Curtin and Gloria Beach, as well as the other staff members at Apollo Professional Solutions. Finding entry level positions right out of college is always a challenging task and the fact that I gained employment immediately after graduation speaks volumes about the abilities of Nicholas Curtin and the other employees of Apollo. Professional Solutions.


Samuel is one of the hundreds of success stories for Apollo Professional Solutions. As a company, we consider customer service as one of our core values, we pride ourselves on being both prompt and efficient in the way we assist  contractors and clients, alike. We are very glad to hear Samuel echo that same sentiment. We are the service edge, We are YOUR staffing firm, We are Apollo. Click here to contact us.

Success Stories with Apollo

April Success Stories  

If you look on the back of any US coin you will find the inscribed latin motto “E. Pluribus Unum” meaning “One, of Many.” In essence, the same could be transcribe on each of the success stories that populate the offices of Apollo Professional Solutions each and everyday. Today we would like to shine the light on Janell Moore.

After 15+ years of working within the property management field, Janell had decided that both her industry and the market were too volatile and unstable at this point in her life.  After conducting her job search for while, she decided to enlist the help of a staffing firm.


How did you find out about Apollo Professional Solutions (Apollo), Janell?

I found out about Apollo staffing through another staffing firm, they were not able to help me at the time, but recommended Apollo Professional Solutions to assist me.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?

Apollo Staffing was extremely helpful they found me a job within two weeks of me calling them! Not only was this job with a great Company, in a great field, but it also possesses great opportunities for my future. Apollo Staffing were very friendly and professional, they really went out their way to help me, unlike some of the others temp services that kept me waiting and lacked consistent communication.

Is there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I would like to give special thanks to both Nicholas Curtin and Eileen Crawford for working so hard to helping me get my job and all of the Apollo Staff that were apart of it!

What else would you likes us to know?

I just really appreciated the time you guys took to talk with me, hear what I really wanted, and take that into consideration as you opened up a search for my future success. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for employment to go through Apollo staffing.


Thank you Janell for your kinds words! We appreciate the time you took sharing your story and allowing us to be apart of your success story.

For any people that have yet to send in their resume, we ask, why haven’t you? Apollo has touched so many lives and impacted so many of people’s stories. Click here  to add your resume to our database and start your success story today.