Health Tips – 1. Proper Posture

By Nick Curtin

Good Health is the ultimate goal, here are a fews tips to keep in mind at work

Sitting behind a desk for work may not be as hazardous for your health as some positions like working out in the field or within a manufacturing environment; however, there are still health risks associated with desk work. In some cases, these health risks are worse because we barely notice them, they slowly eat away at us and hurt our health. One way to put you in a good position with health, is having correct work posture (Do you see what I did there?).

United Healthcare sent out the following advice about dealing with posture, take heed this might just help.

“Proper posture is about more than keeping up appearances. When you stand, sit or lie down properly, you take pressure off your muscles and ligaments. This means less wear and tear on your spine and joints — and a shot at keeping joint and back pains and injuries at bay. Whether you’re standing, sitting or going to sleep, consider your body position and have a better health.

Stand tall

1. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart — and point them forward. Bend your knees slightly. Put most of your weight on the balls of your feet.

2. Stand straight and tall with your shoulders pulled backward. Tuck in your stomach.

3. Keep your ears, shoulders and hips in line.

Sit pretty

1. Keep your feet on the floor or a footrest — with your ankles in front of your knees. Don’t cross your legs. Knees and hips should be level. Leave a small gap between the back of your knees and the front of the seat.

2. Adjust your chair to support your low and middle back. Or, use a back-support cushion or rolled towel. Relax your shoulders.

3. Keep your ears, shoulders and hips in line. Try to avoid sitting for long periods.

Rest easy

1. Sleep on your side or back — not on your stomach.

2. Are you a side sleeper? If so, put an extra pillow between your legs.

3. Are you a back sleeper? If so, put an extra pillow under your knees.”


Its great there is a company like United Health Care looking out for all of us. Thanks for visiting Apollo Professional Solutions, where you’re not just a number, you’re a person. Stay tuned for next week’s article and if you ever need to contact us click here.

6 Signs You Need Staffing Help

By Nick Curtin
There are a plethora of reasons for a company to reach out to a staffing firm. If one of the following signs is happening in your business you should reach out to Apollo:

Deadlines and Fluctuating Periods of Employment:  If your organization faces an increase in responsibilities due to unforeseen obstacles or hiring for seasonal periods, our temporary workers can immediately impact your business without having to deal with long term staffing costs.

Time: Candidates through Apollo Professional Solutions are screened by our experienced recruiters, mitigating the need for your staff to spend time scouring resumes, verifying qualifications, and  following up on references.

Company/Department Expansion:  If there is a great need from your company to hire a multitude of employees across varying fields, Apollo has a database pool of prescreened candidates that allow for optimum staffing submittal to fill ratios.

Expert, Unique Skill Set Required:  Finding the right talent is not always easy, especially when you are looking for particular skills, experience, and certifications. Apollo utilizes an excellent referral network in conjunction with staffing trial periods prior to permanent placement.

Turnover:  If turnover is high or the job imposes a great deal of pressure on those who perform it, working with temporary staffing can help reduce the costs of turnover and alleviate some of the pressure.

A need to reduce labor costs: Similar to time management, time equals money and hiring a new employee is an expensive proposition. There is time spent searching, posting on newspapers & online job boards, screening resumes, verifying employees, as well as onboarding cost like background checks, healthcare, holiday pay, etc.  Reaching out to Apollo can help your organization reduce these staffing costs and the risks of choosing the wrong person for the job.

If you believe a staffing firm might be right for your organization or you want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us at Apollo.  At Apollo Professional Solutions, our experienced recruiters can help you find the temporary employees you need.  Contact us today to learn more!