Why Your Job in Customer Service is Valuable to Employers

Written by Lilly Segura

Graduation season is right around the corner! Perhaps the company you’ve been interning at will offer you a position but not everyone is lucky enough to have a job lined up straight out of college. You might have to either remain in or find a position in Customer Service, or Retail, for quite some time before landing that perfect entry level opportunity. Don’t despair! You might not realize it now but there are a number of reasons why employers prefer when you have had a position in Customer Service or retail. The following are reasons why having that Costumer Service experience will benefit you.

There are several skills you will learn in customer service roles which are valuable to employers. When you are in a role that requires you to be on your feet, serving, and meeting demands in a fast paced environment this reflects your sense of urgency. A sense of urgency is valuable in any field and necessary for you to keep up with the pace in a high demand setting. Conflict resolution and face-to-face interaction with customers is also valued; this is because most likely you will have to solve the customer’s problem right away. You also get to interface with customers who are regulars and get to build a professional relationship which is most definitely transferable to professional roles.

When it comes to serving, for example at a coffee shop where you are preparing and handling food yourself, you are most likely following protocol or what is referred to as SOP. Standard Operation Procedures ensure that you abide by steps laid out by corporate so that every drink is made the same by everyone in the company. This transfers into various fields and in many aspects of the work place. This demonstrates your ability to take instruction and direction and take those seriously; much like the policies and procedures within any given company. The ability to follow such instructions also demonstrates your attention to detail.

Accepting a position in retail right after graduating might seem like a waste of time or like it might interfere with your job hunt but you shouldn’t turn down work just because something might happen. Make sure to keep those jobs listed on resume as well as any of the skills mentioned above! Soft skills are definitely just as important as your technical skills. Hang in there during your job search. Hard work always pays off.