Taking a Chance on a Contract

Taking a Chance on a Contract Written by Lilly Segura

Contrary to popular belief a contract position can be a great opportunity. Traditionally, most job seekers prefer a position where they can remain with the company permanently. However, there are some instances when a contract position can be beneficial to your career, or simply beneficial in particular places in life. Many companies like to employ temporary work for various reasons such as special projects and peak periods.The following are reasons why you should definitely keep an open mind when conducting your job search.


Contract Positions are Excellent for Entry Level

Many clients like to hire fresh young faces out of college with appropriate degrees and extra curricular activities. A contract position that would last around 1-2 years is perfect for entry-level candidates. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door with a company that would get you familiarized with industry terms, techniques, applicable laws, and standards.

When You are In-between Permanent Positions

Job seekers typically hope to find direct and long-term employment. However, there are employers who are looking to hire professionals for special projects. These projects generally call for specialized skills and offer the opportunity to become cross-trained and involved within various departments. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the field that you will be working in and will help you understand the work of others. It is important that you do not rule out an opportunity simply because it is short in duration. It is better that you take a position rather than having a six-month gap in employment. You may even end up with a permanent position!

When You are Looking to Make a Transition

A contract position is an excellent way to make a transition from one industry to another. Sometimes companies have an immediate need and if they do not find the right candidate, they begin to look at similar roles in different industries. This could definitely be your shot at landing a role that would help you transition into a different field.


When you only consider permanent positions you are limiting your possibilities. Take a chance and apply for contract positions as well! When the right fit comes along, you should definitely take the chance and make that career move. Happy hunting!


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