Success Story: Rewarding a Leap of Faith

Success Story: Rewarding a Leap of Faith

Apollo’s CEO, Gayle Williams, took a leap of faith leaving her job in order to start up her own staffing firm. Since Apollo’s infancy, we have been a major supplier of quality talent to the aerospace industry. Over 30 years later it is safe say, Gayle’s leap paid dividends! We have grown in size and diversified our talent pools to fill an assortment of fields, but we never forgot where we started. To this day, Apollo still maintains strong relationships with some of the biggest commercial and military aircraft producers in the United States.  Our success story this week, Ben Trussell, has been in the aerospace field as long as Apollo has been a company and he has known about Apollo for years, without ever working with us.  In 2014, Ben took a leap of faith and accepted one of our engineering positions, and we are so happy he did! Below is a chapter from Ben Trussell’s success story.


Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?  

Actually, after graduating from college (1978) and with my machinist background I thought I could do just about anything. I envisioned myself being the first Manufacturing Engineer in space. Since that did not happen, I’ve gone on a long career path in the U.S., Australia and Europe. All through my career I’ve tried to excel in furthering my field of knowledge in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering. I was and still am fortunate to be paired with some of the most knowledgeable  people I’ve ever met. For people not knowing what a Manufacturing Engineer does, my reply is “I make engineers dreams come true”.  They can design and envision, then I tell them what’s real in making and building those projects. I’ve worked on a lot exciting projects past, present and will be in the future as a major player. Some of those are B-1 bomber, B-2 bomber, 747/767/757/737/787/777, F-18, F-16, F-22 and the list goes on. From detail part fabrication to the final deliverable product.

How did you find about Apollo? 

I’ve known Apollo for years and was approached on occasions with this being the first time working for them.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?  

That’s a good question, my experience with Apollo is limited to the past two months. The people are both professional and determined to get them working and support their clients. Other agencies did a good job, but Apollo does that and more. By more, I mean, a more personalized and caring approach.

What excites you most about your current job?

The challenge and drive to get into a new position and take charge of whatever your assigned. One thing that is most prevalent in contracting is “have fun and enjoy the job”.

In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

To all the people I’ve come in contact with – everybody is friendly and willing to help.


Ben Trussell is just one of the many people’s lives we touch and we are so happy to help contribute to each and every person’s individual success story. If you are curious how you can accelerate your story feel free to give us a call here.

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Success Stories with Apollo

April Success Stories  

If you look on the back of any US coin you will find the inscribed latin motto “E. Pluribus Unum” meaning “One, of Many.” In essence, the same could be transcribe on each of the success stories that populate the offices of Apollo Professional Solutions each and everyday. Today we would like to shine the light on Janell Moore.

After 15+ years of working within the property management field, Janell had decided that both her industry and the market were too volatile and unstable at this point in her life.  After conducting her job search for while, she decided to enlist the help of a staffing firm.


How did you find out about Apollo Professional Solutions (Apollo), Janell?

I found out about Apollo staffing through another staffing firm, they were not able to help me at the time, but recommended Apollo Professional Solutions to assist me.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?

Apollo Staffing was extremely helpful they found me a job within two weeks of me calling them! Not only was this job with a great Company, in a great field, but it also possesses great opportunities for my future. Apollo Staffing were very friendly and professional, they really went out their way to help me, unlike some of the others temp services that kept me waiting and lacked consistent communication.

Is there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I would like to give special thanks to both Nicholas Curtin and Eileen Crawford for working so hard to helping me get my job and all of the Apollo Staff that were apart of it!

What else would you likes us to know?

I just really appreciated the time you guys took to talk with me, hear what I really wanted, and take that into consideration as you opened up a search for my future success. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for employment to go through Apollo staffing.


Thank you Janell for your kinds words! We appreciate the time you took sharing your story and allowing us to be apart of your success story.

For any people that have yet to send in their resume, we ask, why haven’t you? Apollo has touched so many lives and impacted so many of people’s stories. Click here  to add your resume to our database and start your success story today.