Health Tips #3: How Not Taking Breaks Make You a Rookie

Written by Nick Curtin

Apollo’s past workplace health tips have targeted proper posture throughout the workday and unhealthy consumables, substituting them with nutritious and beneficial replacements. This week we are focusing on your mind. The key to a sharp and refreshed mind is taking breaks! When you work for prolonged periods of time you can exhaust your cognitive capacity, impeding the creativity and innovative parts of your brain.  Here are six ways to spend your breaks like a pro:


It is important to remember that meditation is not about closing your eyes and drifting off on a daydream or specific thoughts. It is about being aware of all that is around you and the experiences that are occurring in that moment. You want to create a broad focus on your environment as you count the steady flow of your breaths. Ideally, these are best done in 10-15 minute intervals twice a day.


Get away from your desk. Whether that is a walk outside, doing dips on your office chair, squats, or jumping jacks – just do something! Exercise helps reduce stress, improve self-esteem, modify moods, and even make you feel better about your body even though there is no physical change.


On a break challenge yourself to a crossword puzzle, word find, riddle, or websites like Lumosity that engage and develop our mental capacity.  Competing within these games can help ease stress and harness your focus for the rest of the day. Not too mention, it is also fun!

Be Social

Take a short break and reach out to another co-worker – focus the discussion on them as a person not as their title or job responsibilities. In this route, you are recharging your brain by stepping away from your work and you just might brighten someone’s day.


If your work place allows it, close your office door or go out to your car – take a 20-minute nap. Napping improves learning, memory, creativity, and mental alertness.


Go online and read through a few articles. The words of another can be a nice distraction allowing you to recalibrate your focus. You never know, you may learn a thing or two from articles online!


Performing any one of the six while taking breaks and you will gain that mental clarity to tackle the rest of your day! Apollo appreciates you stopping by, stay tuned for health tips #4! For more content please check out our Facebook and Twitter. Also if you would like to reach out to one of our offices contact us here.