Your Skills and Decoding the Job Description

Seeking a new role is always challenging; especially when looking on your own and scouring the internet for job descriptions. Being highly selective and waiting for that perfect role to come along before applying is not always the best strategy. Chances are you’re not going to find a job description that is 100% close to the type of role you are looking for. Typically it is recommended that you possess all skills listed on the job description; or at least it would be recommended you revise your resume to reflect the job description as closely as possible. Do you ever come across a description that is perhaps a 6/10 in terms of what you are looking for? Perhaps you should apply to these roles despite the discrepancies. There are several reasons why should apply to those roles you might be questioning even though you think you can only perform half (or less!) of the duties.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to have all skills outlined in the job description. Sometimes soft skills are valued over technical skills. Attention to detail, organization, communication, and conflict resolution are all skills that cannot be taught that employers tend to value. When you interview with a company they are looking for professionalism, eagerness, and passion for your work. Excel, PowerPoint, SAP, or Oracle are all systems that can be taught to anyone. Don’t let those bullet points on the job description prevent you from applying.

If the job description is similar to what you are looking for, but you are unsure that it is right you, send your resume in anyway. You might be surprised to find that most job descriptions are not 100% descriptive of the role that will be performed. Request a phone call with the Recruiter/ Hiring Manager and allow yourself enough time on the call to ask any questions you may have. You can learn much more about a role through a phone call. This way you can avoid attending an interview for a job that is not a good match for your search.

When writing your resume make sure you showcase all your soft skills and be sure to demonstrate your willingness to be trained, your ability to absorb information and learn quickly, your passion for the industry/role you will be pursuing, etc. It is always refreshing to see those bullet points in a candidate’s resume because most candidates forget to include those characteristics. Take the time to think about the non-technical skills in your arsenal and include them towards the top of your resume.

You should make it a goal to apply to as many jobs as possible. Looking for work is partially a numbers game. If have not sent your resume to very many employers and think you might be getting a bit too picky try these tips out! You’ll have a new job before you know it.