Become Your Own Super Hero

Become Your Own Super Hero

Written By Nick Curtin

Too often we are waiting to be rescued. Whether that’s being rescued from a negative person, a situation, a job, or a way of life. This presetting can stem from a sense of entitlement, a fear of change, an apathetic mindset, or any other misconstrued reasons built into our brains. This mindset creates a world of consistency where the occupants never rock the boat, no matter how far off course. Where the singular benefit is being able to anticipate all the negative and positive things as they drift along in a world of consistency. Nevertheless, that is a dangerous world because you are not satisfying your inner desires. This “waiting for help” will not only take a toll your physical health, but your mental health as well.

We all have a responsibility to manifest our personal greatness. You have to be your own super hero. The only person that is responsible for your health, happiness, and success is you. I am not equating a successful life to being rich. For some people that may be the case, but I prefer to think of it as a level of satisfaction acquired through purposeful living. What is required for purposeful living as your own super hero? It implores you to maintain an open mind, embrace the unknown – being lost is not as scary as it seems, cutting away the negative cancer in your life, implementing short and long-range goals, a positive attitude, and either searching or living out your passions.

Every super hero holds one commonality; they have a super powers.  Human beings are incredible creatures of nature, but are there super powers within each and every one of us? I am telling you right now it is not about your level of intelligence or the talent you possess, all humans have the capability of utilizing the super power of perseverance.  It is a mindset that you are going to go for what is yours in this world. To become your own super hero you have to make a declaration of what you stand for, you know what you want and you are going to go all out to have it, take leaps of faith, and to make the daily commitment to develop yourself in an image you deem necessary.

Being your own super hero is not going to be easy. You will be going against the tide and life may try and push back with adversity – there will be challenges, critics, and even low periods in your life. These are the most important moments of your life; do not run from them, embrace them. This is where the personal growth takes place and the hard work begins. Anybody can be a super hero when they feel good, when they have their health, happy relationships, anybody can be a super hero in a positive state. The real challenge of growth mentally, emotionally, and physically is when we rise up to adversity. As a moment can be defined as either an exact point in time or signifying importance, then I say declare these chapters in your life as your momentous moment. Wherein you beat back the challenges with your superpowers of perseverance and determination, as both are omnipotent in the face of adversity.

More importantly, when you begin to commit to positive daily action as your own super hero, you become a beacon for others and allow for the transference of empowerment. Helping others by helping yourself. A funny notion…yes, but look at the classic character traits of a leader – vision, commitment, and integrity. The authentic personality generated by self-confidence of being your own super hero displays integrity, the decisive and goal-oriented thought pattern exemplifies vision, and the super power of perseverance embodies commitment. People are naturally drawn to individuals that exhibit these qualities and are willing to support you and your goals along the way.

Now swell with this knowledge gained, emit energy and passion in all directions, be like the Sun gazing from the center of the universe, reach out to the stars, where our true self exists, your cosmic purpose discovered and destiny remolded in your hands. So harness your will, in spite of all opposing forces, know that you are in control and nothing will let get you down.