Proper Job Searching: Be Proactive

Are you putting yourself in the best position to acquire your dream job?

By Nick Curtin

The development of these massive job boards may have made the process of finding a job easier, but it also can lead to an apathetic and lazy approach to securing employment. I have spoken with a multitude of people that post their resume online and wait for a company to reach out to them or only look on that job board. This is a mistake. Below I will go into how to be pro-active and inventive in searching for your next step in your success story:


Reach Out to a Staffing Firm: Shameless promotion, I know, but seriously think abut it. Staffing firms, like Apollo, are immersed in the job market. Read more about the benefits here.

Company Website – Career Section: There may be hundreds of thousands of jobs within a job board, but there are plenty more outside of them. As companies become more integrated on the web, fully leveraging their website and looking to cut cost, they will be less inclined to pay to have their positions posted elsewhere.

LinkedIn & Networking: Leverage your current network – go to friends and business contacts in the industry of interest and inquire about companies in this field, who may be hiring, or even who they can show your resume to. Piggybacking off networking, you should have a completed LinkedIn profile preferably with recommendations. Utilize the introduction tool LinkedIn offers to meet influencers in your field of choice – make them aware of your aspirations and ask for advice. The worst that happens is you do not get a response, the best that happens they like your background enough to follow up with an interview, and most likely you will just end up with some parting advice and well wishes.

Brand Your Image: Every social media platform that someone occupies helps paint a picture of who they really are as a person. It is your responsibility that all the platform are sending out a consistent message – the contents of which are up to you, but just make sure that the viewer will have no misconceptions to you, to your brand. To enhance your brand, I would recommend creating a personal webpage/landing page. There are several sites that offer this and the tools to develop it are very intuitive. It is on these personal pages that you are able to direct your audience to the platforms you are active on and provide your audience with a foundation of your branded image.

Research: Visit Business Journal, Glass Door, Forbes, etc. Research the best companies to work for, fastest growing companies, most innovative companies, companies with the best cafeteria, whatever you fancy. Just begin to populate a list of companies that have substance and are recognized for the areas you value most. Competition for the positions within these companies may be tougher, but at least you will begin to build on the type of you company you want to work for and look for emulating companies.


These are just a few more ways to be pro-active in your job search. Thank you for stopping by, and if you have not had a chance to speak with a recruiter, give us a shout. We would love for a chance to talk about contributing to your future success story. Until next week!