How Mediocre Hires Impact the Company?

By Nick Curtin

A number of factors can result in a mediocre hire – or in a long-term employee losing his or her drive, doing only the minimum required to keep going.  Mediocre employees have no long-term connection to the company’s ambitions or vision; merely clock punchers who work to a time and not a task.

This lack of motivation, workplace apathy, can be detrimental to a company because the costs associated with this employee lack transparency. Some examples consist of:

  • They drag down other team members.  When a mediocre employee does the minimum amount of work required, other team members have to pick up the slack.  This situation breeds resentment and the increased workload drains energy and fire from other team members.
  • They are more likely to quit – or be let go.  Whether the mediocre employee quits or is fired, the company must then deal with the resulting costs of replacing the worker.
  • They require additional manager attention.  Mediocre employees lack either the internal perseverance to work through a project or the initiative to identify and address potential problems proactively.  As a result, managers must spend more time working with mediocre employees.
  • They can harm your company’s reputation.  When a mediocre team member interacts with clients or customers, they may convey the image that your company as a whole is mediocre.  Clients or customers who are discouraged by their communication with an unmotivated employee may assume your whole company is unprofessional, and may seek help elsewhere.

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