Written by Lilly Segura

When searching for candidates, be it for entry-level or executive positions there are always underlying characteristics that we, the recruiters, seek out. These characteristics fall under the term soft skills. Soft skills are rarely found on resumes. For instance, as a job seeker comes across a job description, they might find the employers stating a need for individuals who will, “posses the ability to make independent decisions,” or, “the ability to interact with all team members across the company.”  Qualities of this nature are defined as soft skills. These are often times skipped over by candidates and not included on resumes. It is hard for a recruiter to assess those skills by simply reading a resume since they are more personality based as opposed to a technical skill such as autoclaving a laboratory instrument. How are such skills assessed?

While screening prospective candidates recruiters look for enthusiasm, excitement, and professionalism. The best way for you to show a recruiter or employer your interest is by remaining on the phone with them and take the time to engage and ask questions which show you are interested not only in the type of work but also interested in becoming a part of their team.  This can be accomplished by demonstrating your social habits and expressing that you enjoy team work (if the position calls for a team work environment) or by telling the recruiter about the most recent team project you took part in.

Company culture is also a key indicator. Once you head to your face to face interview you want to show the hiring manager that you took the time to research what the company and their products are all about. Go on the company website, see if they have a blog or news section, or a section where your interviewing managers, supervisors, or peers, are highlighted. Perhaps you can even Google them to see if you can find information that exists outside of theirs. It is also imperative to remember if you go through an agency, you are representing their name. We send over candidates when we believe that they will all around get the position, and will represent the star work ethic which Apollo stands for. When you succeed, we also succeed.

Demonstrating your soft skills both through your resume and demeanor is an easier task than you might think! For example, the perfect Entry Level Manufacturing Technician with a leading Biotechnology company is a person with a BS in Biochemistry with only Hot Dog on A Stick experience! These intangibles are definitely qualities that should not be ignored.


Happy Hunting!