What are the Fastest Growing Industries?

Written by Nick Curtin


What are the fastest growing industries? In 2014, there is an average job growth rate nationwide of 10.8 percent among all industries. Slowly, but surely America has been climbing out of the recession of 2009; however, there are some industries in our economy that have taken off with growth rate percentages over 20 percent.

Apollo Professional Solutions is not only responsible for putting Americans to work and providing quality service to our clients, but also keeping a weather eye on the mercurial nature of the job market. This past year we have noticed huge hiring increases in each of the following industries:


As the populations continue to grow and more people have access to affordable health insurance the demand for jobs within the field has soared. Specifically, we have noticed a rise in hospital administration, management, customer service, and suppliers. These people “behind the curtain” are playing a critical role in the healthcare environment making sure everything is running smoothly.

Project Management

The recession of 2009 caught a lot of companies off guard and exposed the inefficiency of their operations. There has been a great rise for project managers to come into companies and ensure efficiency, producing under budget, all while meeting deadlines.


In accordance with the rise of healthcare professionals and affordable healthcare has granted access of more medicine to a greater part of the population. Not to mention, there is the constant evolution and progression of science breaking new grounds in medicine.

Information Security Analyst (ISAs)

Information security has been in the headlines the past couple months, or lack there of because people have been having their information hacked. Individuals and business’s alike are at risk and that has led to the rise in hiring ISAs to acquire as much protection as possible.

When an industry’s job growth is exponentially increasing, the qualified candidate pool will discernibly begin to decrease in size. Job seekers within these markets have more opportunities than ever and they will take their time to find the best one. Therefore, as important as it is to provide solid offers, it is paramount that companies have a way to find and source qualified talent.

Make no mistake; it is a race to find the top talent and most times the company that gets to the candidate first will win. To get a leg up on the competition, all a business would have to do is contact Apollo here.  Each and every recruiter at Apollo is a treasured commodity as they share in the value of submitting qualified candidates to our clients while leveraging their expertise in varying fields. We take great pleasure in contributing to the success stories of both our candidates and clients.

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Incorporating a Staffing Firm in Your Job Search

By Nick Curtin

To all those people who are searching for a job and have not contacted a staffing firm, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Staffing firms may be known for their contract/temporary labor, but  many handle permanent positions as well. Did you know there are  over 27 million companies[1] in this country? Trying to find the best fit by yourself can be an arduous task.  Here are 6 reasons to work with a staffing company, like Apollo:

Geographical Reach

US Map We work with organizations across the nation from small businesses to fortune 100 companies. We take a vested interested to help them find the most qualified candidates when they have new roles to fill. So we take the utmost importance is finding the right fit for both candidate and the client for optimum placement.



It is literally a staffing firm’s job to find out which companies are hiring and assisting them their search for qualified talent. We can find and bring you opportunities that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own – like positions not posted on job boards or announced publicly – without spending any time searching for them.

Talent Pool

Stand OutThe first place we look to find candidates for our clients is our Talent Pool—a database community of professionals who have signed up to find jobs better suited to their experience and background. When you become apart of our Talent Pool you stay in the loop about the most exciting impact jobs without searching online for hours each week. When we receive a job that matches your profile, we’ll send you an email to see if you might be interested.

The Tailor Fit

TailorIf you apply through us, you’ll have someone to talk to on our team who’s got the inside scoop on the job and organization, and know that experts in hiring are handling your application with care. We build a profile for you within our database and populate it with your requirements on company culture and position details.


It’s Free

Joining the talent pool is totally free. You’re not obligated to pay in any way by finding jobs through Apollo.



Passive SearchPassive Searching is the best kind of search

Already have a great job? No problem. By joining a Talent Pool, you can passively explore new opportunities just by checking your email with tailored job openings. Who knows, you just might discover a new dream job that you didn’t even know existed.



Nota Bene – patience is paramount. We are not able to predict how long it will take for you to hear about relevant jobs through Apollo. The openings we are able to bring to the talent pool are entirely dependent on our client’s hiring phases. Think of having your resume with a staffing firm as a passive way to conveniently find out about jobs over time, rather than for finding one right this instant.

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[1] United States Census 2012

6 Signs You Need Staffing Help

By Nick Curtin
There are a plethora of reasons for a company to reach out to a staffing firm. If one of the following signs is happening in your business you should reach out to Apollo:

Deadlines and Fluctuating Periods of Employment:  If your organization faces an increase in responsibilities due to unforeseen obstacles or hiring for seasonal periods, our temporary workers can immediately impact your business without having to deal with long term staffing costs.

Time: Candidates through Apollo Professional Solutions are screened by our experienced recruiters, mitigating the need for your staff to spend time scouring resumes, verifying qualifications, and  following up on references.

Company/Department Expansion:  If there is a great need from your company to hire a multitude of employees across varying fields, Apollo has a database pool of prescreened candidates that allow for optimum staffing submittal to fill ratios.

Expert, Unique Skill Set Required:  Finding the right talent is not always easy, especially when you are looking for particular skills, experience, and certifications. Apollo utilizes an excellent referral network in conjunction with staffing trial periods prior to permanent placement.

Turnover:  If turnover is high or the job imposes a great deal of pressure on those who perform it, working with temporary staffing can help reduce the costs of turnover and alleviate some of the pressure.

A need to reduce labor costs: Similar to time management, time equals money and hiring a new employee is an expensive proposition. There is time spent searching, posting on newspapers & online job boards, screening resumes, verifying employees, as well as onboarding cost like background checks, healthcare, holiday pay, etc.  Reaching out to Apollo can help your organization reduce these staffing costs and the risks of choosing the wrong person for the job.

If you believe a staffing firm might be right for your organization or you want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us at Apollo.  At Apollo Professional Solutions, our experienced recruiters can help you find the temporary employees you need.  Contact us today to learn more!