Success Story: From Humble Beginnings

Bree Taylor-Walling is the type of success story employees at Apollo love to read. Over the past 5 years, Bree has been earning her stripes in the production environment – from humble beginnings – working her way up at a company from a Production Associate, Production Lead, to Production Control Coordinator; however, the ladder for progress at her company ended there. On her search for the next step in her career path she came in contact with Apollo Professional Solutions and was able to secure a new position that was not only more financially stable, but has given her the opportunity to gain experience with a revered company in the aerospace industry. Below is her story:

Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?

Prior to working for Apollo I was looking for a career that I could really enjoy doing, but didn’t demand so much of my time. I am very dedicated to what I do and I take pride in knowing that performing my job to the best of my abilities has a big impact on the reliability of the products I build at the end result; especially knowing that the end result means keeping planes in the air or protecting out military. My last job was very demanding of my time and energy and took a toll on my self as well as my family. I was looking for a good balance, a job where i can be dedicated and make a difference but still be able to be with my family at the end of the day.

How did you find about Apollo?

I found a job listing on career builder and I applied for it. Apollo contacted me about it since the job was through them.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?

Apollo has been great to work with. Everyone I have spoken with at Apollo has been really nice and able to answer any and all questions I have had. Since this is my first time working with a staffing firm I found Apollo very informative and easy to work with.

What excites you most about your current job?

I love my current job through Apollo. The environment at my current job is awesome and really helping me to expand my knowledge about the Aerospace Industry. I feel like this job was the next step in my career and I love all the new experiences.

What is one thing you have learned there (tangible/intangible) that you plan to carry on into the future?

Everyday I learn something new at my current job. Even through its only been two weeks since I started I find that Im learning more about the products I used to build at my old job while applying the knowledge I have to fulfill my role in my new position. So the knowledge I am gaining at my current position will carry on into my future career endeavors.

In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

Nick Curtin has been my contact through this process and I would like to thank him for being so helpful and supportive in this experience.

What else would you like us to know?

I was totally shocked when I found out I had gotten the job I applied for and that the company was really excited about bringing me on. It really boosted my confidence in myself and helped me to start a new path in my career.

Words cannot properly convey our happiness for Bree and her new career. We are so proud to have her apart of the Apollo family. If you are reading this and would like to have Apollo add a chapter to your success story please reach out to our offices and check out our openings.

While you are here, whether you’re at the top of your game or from humble beginnings, Apollo is happy to provide quality opportunities for quality candidates. To keep up with Apollo on a daily basis be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter!

Success Story: Loyalty Pays Off

Loyalty in the contracting world is not as prevalent as it should be. There are many companies that solely focus on the bottom line, just like there are many contractors job-hopping to next highest paying job. Both sides cannot really be blamed because the system we currently operate in encourages them to do so. At Apollo we recognize that we have the ability to impact a person’s career path from a couple months to a couple years, and we maintain a service edge when it comes to interacting with our clients and contractors. Loyalty is exemplified by our success story today;  on this rare occasion we celebrate the success story of a man who has been with us these past seven years. Robert Asher has certainly committed a large bulk of his success story to Apollo and for that we are grateful.


1. Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?   

I was looking for a long term contract and a pleasant work environment.  This assignment has lasted over 7 years and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with.

2. How did you find about Apollo? 

I learned about Apollo from Bruce Thomason, Regional Vice President for Apollo.  I had worked for Bruce on a previous assignment and knew from that good experience I could trust him and Apollo.

3. How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms? 

I have worked for over six different staffing firms and Apollo has been the best of the group.  Bruce Thomason hand delivers my pay stub in person every week which allows us to chat face to face which I appreciate. If I ever have any questions Bruce generally has the answer or if not he quickly gets back to me with an answer.  I have never had a mistake on my paycheck or had a direct deposit that was late.

 4. What excites you most about your current job? 

One of the interesting things about my job is working on new programs such as the X47-B.  This unmanned aircraft that can take off and land from an aircraft carrier without human intervention.  Working on new programs like the X47-B is always more interesting that working on old existing programs.

5. In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

Bruce Thomason.  He got me this job and has done everything possible to keep me happy here.

6. What else would you like us to know? 

I first went contracting over 30 years ago and have never looked back.  I have seen parts of the U.S. and the world that I never would have seen if I had continued to work as a direct these past 30 years.  I have worked with many interesting people on interesting programs which keeps the job interesting.

Robert Asher’s journey is special tale and one we are proud to share with the world today. Truly, he has contributed to Apollo’s success story as much as we have contributed to his story. There are so few words in the English language that could fully encapsulate our gratitude towards Robert Asher, so we will leave him with a simple message;

“Thank you, Robert for all of the hard work and loyalty that you have shown us these past seven years. As we say in Apollo, may your journey continue onward and upward. All the best.”

Also, a big thank you to all the reader’s loyalty to our blog and if you would like to see more content please check out our Facebook and Twitter.


Success Story: Rewarding a Leap of Faith

Success Story: Rewarding a Leap of Faith

Apollo’s CEO, Gayle Williams, took a leap of faith leaving her job in order to start up her own staffing firm. Since Apollo’s infancy, we have been a major supplier of quality talent to the aerospace industry. Over 30 years later it is safe say, Gayle’s leap paid dividends! We have grown in size and diversified our talent pools to fill an assortment of fields, but we never forgot where we started. To this day, Apollo still maintains strong relationships with some of the biggest commercial and military aircraft producers in the United States.  Our success story this week, Ben Trussell, has been in the aerospace field as long as Apollo has been a company and he has known about Apollo for years, without ever working with us.  In 2014, Ben took a leap of faith and accepted one of our engineering positions, and we are so happy he did! Below is a chapter from Ben Trussell’s success story.


Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?  

Actually, after graduating from college (1978) and with my machinist background I thought I could do just about anything. I envisioned myself being the first Manufacturing Engineer in space. Since that did not happen, I’ve gone on a long career path in the U.S., Australia and Europe. All through my career I’ve tried to excel in furthering my field of knowledge in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering. I was and still am fortunate to be paired with some of the most knowledgeable  people I’ve ever met. For people not knowing what a Manufacturing Engineer does, my reply is “I make engineers dreams come true”.  They can design and envision, then I tell them what’s real in making and building those projects. I’ve worked on a lot exciting projects past, present and will be in the future as a major player. Some of those are B-1 bomber, B-2 bomber, 747/767/757/737/787/777, F-18, F-16, F-22 and the list goes on. From detail part fabrication to the final deliverable product.

How did you find about Apollo? 

I’ve known Apollo for years and was approached on occasions with this being the first time working for them.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?  

That’s a good question, my experience with Apollo is limited to the past two months. The people are both professional and determined to get them working and support their clients. Other agencies did a good job, but Apollo does that and more. By more, I mean, a more personalized and caring approach.

What excites you most about your current job?

The challenge and drive to get into a new position and take charge of whatever your assigned. One thing that is most prevalent in contracting is “have fun and enjoy the job”.

In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

To all the people I’ve come in contact with – everybody is friendly and willing to help.


Ben Trussell is just one of the many people’s lives we touch and we are so happy to help contribute to each and every person’s individual success story. If you are curious how you can accelerate your story feel free to give us a call here.

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Success Story: Never Give Up

Never give up. That was the motto of Eric Cox as he attacked the job market in search for his future employment. When Eric reached out to Apollo, his enthusiasm was apparent in our initial interaction. We realized that Eric was the type that would work to a task and not to a clock, so we sought out the openings with our clients and got him to work as soon as possible. The following is his success story.


1.Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?   

Before discovering Apollo, I found myself exhaustively looking for work in Computer Aided Drafting and Design only to be passed over several times and it just got to the point where nobody was willing to give me a chance. Not even working at Auto Zone was in the cards.

2.How did you find about Apollo? 

I discovered Apollo at a posting on a bulletin board outside the office of my Director of Career Services at ITT Technical Institute in Desoto, Texas, virtually by accident. Pitney Bowes was in need and the holidays were about a month away. Right away I submitted a resume to Bill Carriveau and the next thing I know, I’m going through the preliminary process before starting the job.

3.How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?  

I just did not know what I was getting into at first, but Apollo put me to work in less than a week, although because of security reasons at Pitney Bowes I wound up waiting one week. Four months later, I went from a temp to a direct hire after, yes, many hardships and several obstacles, but not giving up.

4. What excites you most about your current job?

The only exciting thing was the knowledge I picked up along the way and being able to use that knowledge from the time I had been hired with Pitney Bowes. I learned how important it was to continue production and learned to have an understanding about certain procedures, as well as how important organization was.

5.Is there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I only have one person to thank, Mr. Carriveau. He gave me the opportunity when nobody else would. From time to time I put him through some degree of hell, but he kept me on track and eventually I earned a permanent position with Pitney Bowes!

Eric is one of the many people we have contributed a chapter to within their success story. We are excited as ever for him and all of our contractors. If you would like to see what Apollo can add to your success story, please contact us. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter!

Success Stories – Excelling in Customer Service

Apollo’s Success Stories – A Champion of Customer Service

For the month of July, Apollo extends our warmest regards to Christina Captain! We all may fry in July, but Christina has certainly not fried in her latest position. She has kept her cool and been performing admirably at our client’s facility. Here is a chapter from her success story: 

Prior to working with Apollo, what were you looking for in a career?

Prior to working with Apollo, I was seeking a career in customer service/relations, management, or operations within any industry.

How did you find about Apollo?

I found out about Apollo online through the job search site, as far as I can recall.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms? If no experience with other staffing firms, perhaps preconceived notions going into it?

I did not have any prior experience with any other staffing firms in the past. I have always sought direct hire employment. Apollo has met my expectations, in terms of staffing and support.

What excites you most about your current job?

My current job gives me the responsibility and ownership to make decisions on behalf of the company to support our mutual customers. I am grateful for the experience and to learn about the automotive industry from a corporate standpoint.

In there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Linda Flynn for noticing my skills and experience and extending the opportunity to me. I would like to thank Lilly Segura for her continued support as well.

What else would you like us to know? 

I would recommend Apollo to friends and family seeking employment who have not been successful finding employment the traditional route.

Christina is one of the many candidates who have found success through Apollo. She has several Customer Service Awards, added more responsibilities, and has even trained new Customer Service Representatives. We are proud to have contractors such as Christina who represent Apollo with such professionalism. All of us at Apollo strive to show the same ethic and dedication towards both of our contractors and customers. We are the service edge, We are YOUR staffing firm, We are Apollo.

Success Stories with Apollo

April Success Stories  

If you look on the back of any US coin you will find the inscribed latin motto “E. Pluribus Unum” meaning “One, of Many.” In essence, the same could be transcribe on each of the success stories that populate the offices of Apollo Professional Solutions each and everyday. Today we would like to shine the light on Janell Moore.

After 15+ years of working within the property management field, Janell had decided that both her industry and the market were too volatile and unstable at this point in her life.  After conducting her job search for while, she decided to enlist the help of a staffing firm.


How did you find out about Apollo Professional Solutions (Apollo), Janell?

I found out about Apollo staffing through another staffing firm, they were not able to help me at the time, but recommended Apollo Professional Solutions to assist me.

How did your experience with Apollo compare to what you expected or experienced with other staffing firms?

Apollo Staffing was extremely helpful they found me a job within two weeks of me calling them! Not only was this job with a great Company, in a great field, but it also possesses great opportunities for my future. Apollo Staffing were very friendly and professional, they really went out their way to help me, unlike some of the others temp services that kept me waiting and lacked consistent communication.

Is there anyone specifically at Apollo that you would like to thank?

I would like to give special thanks to both Nicholas Curtin and Eileen Crawford for working so hard to helping me get my job and all of the Apollo Staff that were apart of it!

What else would you likes us to know?

I just really appreciated the time you guys took to talk with me, hear what I really wanted, and take that into consideration as you opened up a search for my future success. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for employment to go through Apollo staffing.


Thank you Janell for your kinds words! We appreciate the time you took sharing your story and allowing us to be apart of your success story.

For any people that have yet to send in their resume, we ask, why haven’t you? Apollo has touched so many lives and impacted so many of people’s stories. Click here  to add your resume to our database and start your success story today.